Beyond the verdant lands, the coasts
Look out to foamy seas.
The dolphins dance above the waves,
The scallops sleep below.
Men sail — and when they sink, they all may
Die in hidden graves.
What pearly treasures hold the depths that
Hide in gravely death?

Who wanders in the wild terrain
In search of red and pink?
A rose has thorns — the poets say.
They all — they surely — do.
The softest breath upon them, and they
Bloom in burning heat.
One prick, and bleeding cherry branches
Burn in heating bloom.

A match is made in heaven for a
Single-sandaled king.
A fratricide lives as a queen
For but a fleeting day.
The Sun allows the thirsty blades that
Live for vengeance kill.
His chariot guarantees the ones who
Kill for vengeance live.

Two shepherds rule in princely right.
Each praise the face of Love.
Paragons of Hittite strength,
They set the course of myth.
One torch-thief by an arrow felled to
Turn the fateful tides.
One thunder-blind sends forth a son to
Tide the turn of fates.

The effigy, in prideful hands,
Becomes a sinful tool.
A lonely sculptor, heart alight,
Takes refuge in a lie.
But lies become the truth, for hope might
Bless the falsified.
The kiss of stone is quite enough to
Falsify the blessed.

This poem explores five different contexts for the Greco-Roman goddess of love.
The illustration was completed in Clip Studio.




Artist-writer duo. Creators of the serial web fiction Institute.

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Artist-writer duo. Creators of the serial web fiction Institute.

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